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The Highest Reimbursement Contracts In The Industry

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Since 1993, our parent company, Healthcare Networks of America, LLC has been mobilizing Podiatrists to thrive in an ever-changing healthcare system. Now, the American Footcare Network has been formed to create an online collaborative and educational platform including Podiatrists, medical industry and payers to create innovative practice solutions, both clinical and organizational. We want to help you respond proactively to an ever-changing healthcare system.

Contracts That Make Sense

We work hard to bring you contracts that benefit you

Gain New Reimbursement Patients

With AFN and through our joint-venture with Healthcare Networks of America, you become an in-network provider with over 4,600 payers, servicing over 24 million patients nationwide.

Simplified Credentialing

No need to complete volumes of credentialing paperwork. Give us your basic information and we do the background work to submit to the payers for your in-network credentialing.

Keep 100% Of The Reimbursement

AFN’S model is a membership fee model, charging you a small annual fee, rather than taking 10-15% out of your claims, putting more money in your pocket.

See How Our Process Works

American Footcare Network Provides An Easy 3-step Process

Fill Out Form

Complete our simplified credentialing form and send it in to us

Choose Contracts

Once accepted, you will receive the national payer list. Click to see the Healthcare Networks of America Health Plan List.

Enjoy Preferred Listing

Within 30 days, you will be listed as an in-network provider

Secure Your Future